EN-7 Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We recognize importance of preservation of privacy and protect privacy as follows.

1. Acquisition of private information

  • We shall obtain private information with legal and fair measures.

2. Usage of obtained private information

  • We shall use obtained private information to the extent of suggested purpose of usage.
  • We shall not use FAX for promotion and advertisement purpose for fear of destruction on environment and distressing others. We shall not obtain FAX number through contact form of this website.
  • We shall properly manage others who use our obtained client’s private information when we provide others with the information to implement our services for the client.

3. Submission obtained private information to others

  • We shall not provide others with obtained private information without client’s permission except for mandatory cases according to enacted law.

4. Administration of private information

  • We shall retain and manage obtained private information properly.
  • We shall install preventive measures for illegal data access or computer virus.

5. Amendment of obtained private information

  • We shall amend obtained information when the person request us amendment of his/her information.
  • Please inform us through our contact form of this website if you have any question.

6. Organization

  • We shall assign the person who is in charge of management of obtained private information.

Updated Sep25,2012