4-4 Investment & Business owner VISA-related assurance services

To all foreign business owners in Japan.

We have started Investment & Business owner VISA Consulting services. As you know, foreign business owners in Japan need to update their Investment & Business owner VISA every year or every three years. The Immigration Bureau in Japan sometimes require VISA updating applicants to submit assurance letter prepared by Certified Public Accountant, regarding going concern issue of their business.

In fact, The Immigration Bureau in Japan is currently strengthening application of rules on  Investment & Business owner VISA approval process.

We offer our clients not only going concern assurance letter but also high quality comprehensive VISA update consulting services at a reasonable fee. The fee varies according to clients’ business models such as retailor, wholesaler and manufacturer. With our service, our clients successfully obtained updated Investment & Business Owner VISA in Japan.

We will provide our clients final assurance letter in approximate 10 days because The Immigration Bureau usually require applicants to submit these application documents in two weeks.

If you are interested in our Investment & Business owner VISA consulting services, please e-mail or call us. (TEL 03-3497-5210 )

Thank You.

Certified Public Accountant (Japan No.19105)

Jun Domon