2-2-3 Financial Analysis

Companies can improve operations, increase productivity, augment profitability or complete their mission with valid grasp of their financials. Sound financial analysis is one of the critical success factors to survive in today’s competitive industries. Our financial analysis services enable clients to gain an understanding of their costs and profitability and then make light business decisions monthly, annually and ad-hoc.

We employ latest application for leveraging your existing information. We provide four different analyses of client’s data: an accounting analysis, a business performance analysis (ratios), a forecasting (projection) analysis, and an economic analysis.

  1. Our analysis covers client’s Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement and Statement of Changes in Shareholders’ Equity.
  2. Our business performance analysis includes a Ratios Statement (a  systematic collection of standard business ratios) and a Business Performance Analysis (a Dupont ratio tree )
  3. Our  forecasting analysis provides tools to set up and implement a financial forecast
  4. Our economic analysis includes a NOPAT Analysis, Capital Base Analysis, Cost of Capital Analysis and Economic Profit Analysis.